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A mysterious Sanskrit scripture discovered in an ancient Himalayan temple.

Two brothers from the American heartland sharing a close, yet troubled, relationship.

An evil despot determined to conquer the past, present and future.

And a beautiful young woman who tests the brothers’ bond.

Little do Jack and Steve realize that the text is actually a prescription for time-travel. In the midst of a deep conflict, they are transported to different destinations. At time’s beginning, Steve’s heart opens to the beautiful Shanti and learns at last to both love and let go. At the ending age, Jack, sucked into the intrigue and treachery of a civilization unravelling under a dark dictator, is finally forced to become accountable for his actions. 

The Yoga Zapper uses themes found in the authentic narratives and prophecies of the Indian subcontinent: yogis meditating for thousands of years, Avatars descending from spiritual realms, magical flying craft known as vimanas, and at the end of time (which is also time’s beginning,) a world-consuming battle between good and evil. 


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