The Yoga Zapper - A Novel
The Yoga Zapper - A Novel



The Yoga Zapper is the story of two young American brothers who, thrust into strange worlds, find within themselves the courage and faith to grow, change and discover their unimagined destinies.


While trekking in the Himalayas, Steve and Jack encounter a dying priest who thrusts into their hands a Sanskrit scripture which Jack names the Yoga Zapper.


“You do not understand,” cries the old man. “Your lives, no, the future of the entire world depends on it!”


Little do the brothers know that the text is a prescription for time-travel. In the midst of a deep conflict with each other, they discover its powers.


Steve, who has an intellectual approach to life, is transported to a peaceful village at the beginning of time. He falls in love with the beautiful Shanti and finally connects with his heart.


Jack, irresponsible and immature, finds himself in a society ruled by an evil despot. Sucked into the intrigue and treachery of a civilization unraveling at the end of time, he is at last forced to become accountable for his actions. He is imprisoned, but escapes to Shambala.


When the dictator attacks Shambala, Kalki, an Avatar of Vishnu, descends, and a horrifying world war erupts, featuring fantastic battles, mystical weapons and ancient flying aircraft called vimanas. The evil ruler who orchestrates the destruction is killed and the earth, abused for so long, blooms anew, the wheel of time turns again, and the brothers reunite.



The Yoga Zapper is Little Buddha meets Lord of the Rings with a bit of Gulliver’s Travels thrown in for good measure. It contains strong environmental themes as well as darkly humorous social commentary. A complete full length novel, it is a unique entry in the world of time-travel, as well as an exciting offering in the new sub-genre of yoga fiction.

Where to find "The Yoga Zapper - A Novel"

The Yoga Zapper is now available at almost all bookstores - chains as well as independants. If your bookstore doesn't carry the novel, please request them to order it, or find it online in both digital and print formats.



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